It’s Bud Break!

Spring has sprung here in the Temecula Valley. Over the past few months the vines have all been pruned in preparation for this amazing event. Pruning is done in the winter and is a skilled practice that prepares the vines for spring growth. It’s so interesting to see thousands of rows of full, green vines all cut back so far to just a little trunk out of the ground with just a few branches.

As the weather changes, small buds of green begin to “break” out the dark, twisted vines – This is called “bud break”. These tiny buds will turn into large flowers in about a month, filling the trellis with green. As the vines continue to grow and pollenate they will begin to produce fruit: small green spheres that will grow into grapes and one day turn into wine!

The life cycle of vineyards is fascinating and beautiful. Another reason to come back and visit the Temecula Wine Country during each season – you’ll see & taste something completely different each visit.

We hope you” join us for your next tour through the Temecula Valley Wine Country